Senior Care Home Covington


At our senior care home situated near Covington, we help seniors with day-to-day living activities. The services we offer at our senior care home Covington vary from one individual to another depending on their needs. Some of these services provided by our senior care home Covington include personal grooming help, nutrition support, medical reminders, and help to get around.

At our senior care home Covington, we believe that senior care entails encouraging the independence of our residents, quality life, and convenience. The residents at our senior care home Covington can enjoy their lives in any way they wish to as their families relax, knowing their loved one is receiving quality care. Some of the senior care services offered by our senior care home Covington include:

  • Foot care
  • Age-related conditions
  • Physical therapy
  • Bed-bound care
  • Two-person transfer
  • Hair and nail services
  • Occupational therapy

The team at our senior care home Covington cares, caring for all individuals. Contact Des Moines Senior Care AFH today at (206) 889-6395 and learn more about this beautiful facility.

Senior Housing Covington


Our senior housing Covington gives you a better way of aging as you discover a caring, vibrant, and social community where you can create strong relationships and take part in meaningful activities. Other than this, our senior housing Covington gives you access to fantastic features that are rare to get in your home.

The amenities and services in our senior housing Covington helps a lot in making life more comfortable. The team at our senior housing Covington is ever ready to take the stress out of your life by helping you with housekeeping, routine maintenance, and laundry service. Our senior housing Covington offers several senior care services, such as:

  • Stroke recovery
  • Feeding tubes
  • Diabetic management
  • Skilled care
  • Parkinson's residents
  • Skilled nursing care
  • Neurological problems

Our senior housing Covington is more than a senior home facility. Call Des Moines Senior Care AFH at (206) 889-6395 and plan for a tour today and free evaluation.

Senior Home Covington


The top-notch amenities of our senior home Covington help a lot in increasing the independence of our residents. These first-class amenities offered by our senior home Covington also improve the quality of life of seniors.

Our senior home Covington offers a fine-dining environment where residents enjoy freshly prepared and nutritious meals. Our senior home Covington provides this service to seniors with conditions like:

  • Diabetes
  • Dementia
  • Stroke victim
  • Multiple forms of arthritis
  • Mental health
  • Alzheimer's
  • Incontinence
  • Stroke patient

We're ready to update you more about our senior home Covington. Call Des Moines Senior Care AFH today at (206) 889-6395 to get more information about the services we offer.